Class 1 filters

Gas and vapour filters listed in this leaflet are designed for protection of human breathing system from toxic gases and toxic vapours as well.

To apply the filters with conformity with their design, the filters have to be mounted in respective filter pockets of a full face of half masks.

Filter pockets must got dimensions matching with filters overall dimensions, which are the follow:

Outside diameter - 77,5 mm

Height - 25 mm

Case material - plastic

Shelf life of gas filters in manufacturer packing is four (4) years

All filters meet the requirements of EN-141 Standard

Filter types:

TYPECase colourApplicationColour codeWeight (gr) appr.
A1brownOrganic gases and vapours 50
B1greyInorganic gases and vapours 54
E1yellowAcid gases and vapours, CO2 70
K1greenAmmonia and amines 58
A1B1E1K1blackOrganic and inorganic gases and vapours, acid gases, SO2, ammonia and amines60


Spray painting with water paints or organic solvent- based ones - in open ventilated compartmentsMinute drops of aerosols and dissolvent vapoursTwo-filter MP-12/5 GAZ half-mask,
A1 filter and P1 dust filter
Paining with brush or roller. De-greasing, washing and glue workingDissolvent vapourTwo-filter MP-12/5 GAZ half-mask,
A1 filter
Atomization of pesticides, high-pressure washing with washing agent additivesMinute aerosol drops and pesticide vapoursTwo-filter MP-12/5 GAZ half-mask,
A1 filter and P2 dust filter
WeldingSmoke and gasesTwo-filter MP-12/5 GAZ half-mask, E1 filter and P1 dust filter
Painting and washing with ammonia-based reparations. Works at refrigerating systems containing ammoniaAmmoniaTwo-filter MP-12/5 GAZ half-mask, K1 filter
Works connected with usage of acidsChloride, sulphur dioxide, acid and non-organic gasesTwo-filter MP-12/5 GAZ half-mask, B1 or E1 filter
Work in chemical, refinery or related industriesGases and vapours, organic and non-organic sulphur dioxide and acid gases as well as ammonia and its derivativesTwo-filter MP-12/5 GAZ half-mask, A1B1E1K1 filter