Our company

Endeco Ltd has been established in May 1990 by two individuals. Now the founders keep 40% of shares in their hands.

Company had been opened with thought to serve with technical advising to Polish mining industry.

In 1992 it had been established the manufacturing facilities in Bytom. Within 1992 to 1998 we had been selling chain conveyor components - like pans, drives, spill plates and so on; road header components and units; hydraulic units and systems for mining applications.

In 1993 there was also established another branch office - dedicated for safety equipment. Endeco Ltd manufactures and supplies domestically sourced filter inlets Class 1 and Class 2, half masks for basic applications, dust filters and other filtration equipment.

Starting from 1995 year the company offers services empoying non-explosive Cardox system useful for removal of blockages in various type of silo / compartments. Also for breaking or blowing up of solid materials and large pieces

During 2006 year the company opens established another one manufacturing ability ? manulayy driven hydraulic pumps and cooperating special tooling.

The company leads all activity from registered office in Katowice - we have got manufacturing and servicing facilities and storage. There is also a laboratory facilities dedicated for certified tests of our products.

We are located in southern part of Poland, in town Katowice that is still the industrial capital of our country