Manual hydraulic units PS1 type Single - stage


Hydraulic units of PS1 type are equipped with single stage piston pump manually driven by the mean of lever. Units are designed to supply the oil for hydraulic circuits and devices. The units are designated for manual start of hydraulic devices. There is also a safety valve built in the pump unit (DBV).

Options available:

  • PS1-E type - one-way, no directional valve built,
  • PS1-R type - two-way, an integral directional valve allows direct the oil to required channel,
  • Oil tank capacity - 2 dm3 standard and 5 dm3 or 10 dm3 as option (for steel make only),
  • For standard make the tank and body are steel (PS1- type), optional light metal make is available (PA1- type),
  • The unit is designed to operate on hydraulic oil, optional build for HF non-inflammable liquids is available

Technical data:

Working pressure (adjustable)) 8 - 16 MPa
Pump output 10,5 cm3/stroke

Pomp typeTank Capacity dm3Directional valveMass kgDimensions, mm
PS102E2    N7,745545343591001551256060203435

Hmax means overall height when lever is in upper position


Hydraulic diagram

Addtional equipment

Optional hydraulic lock (cross check-valve) for two-way units is also avable
Approriate hydraulic hoses as well as quick couplings are also available